Make Your Fridge "Smart"

Keep track of your groceries

Simply put your groceries into your fridge - as usual!

Clued-Up adds the groceries to your inventory list automatically. Remove them from your fridge and Clued-Up updates your list again. Without any effort!

Look at your inventory list anytime, anywhere. Use the screen of the Clued-Up Hub directly at your fridge or use the Android-App.

I want to get Clued-Up.

Let Clued-Up remember you what to buy in the supermarket

Clued-Up shows to you what you have at home. It tells you how much of it you have and for how long it has been laying in your fridge already. Most importantly, it shows to you what you run out of.

Give it to me!

Clued-Up fits your fridge, too

Clued-Up fits in any fridge. You don't need to buy a new, expensive, allegedly intelligent refridgerator and throw your current one away. The Clued-Up Shelves make your old fridge smart.

Where do I get Clued-Up?

Get Clued-Up!

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